Lusitanian Church’s Historical Archive integrates documents dating back to the first half of the 19th century, both from the diocesan organization and from numerous parishes, schools and other Church-related organizations. An important historical library, which is fundamental to the history of Protestantism and religious minorities in Portugal, is also being cataloged.

The Lusitanian Catholic Apostolic Evangelical Church is an Anglican church founded in 1880 by a group of Catholic priests and laity, dissatisfied with the doctrinal and pastoral course that the Catholic Church had adopted and which had come into contact with some Anglican priests and other members connected to evangelical communities.

Today, the Lusitanian Church is part of the Anglican Communion (a set of dioceses, provinces and regional churches in communion with the See of Canterbury that comprises about 80 million people), but it is a national and independent church registered as a religious group based in Portugal.

Proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel in this spirit of tolerance and inclusion, as it is characteristic of the Anglican tradition, the Lusitanian Church adopted as a motto the expression of St. Augustine: freedom in doubt, unity in certainty, charity in all.

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